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Founded in 1961, in its more then 50 years of activity INTERPROIND has progressively consolidated his reputation on the industrial lubrication market selling oil and fluid grease systems and, lately, cool-lubricating devices. All components used in INTERPROID equipments, both of its own engineering or sourced from reliable suppliers, are quality proven such as the ones produced by the company INTZA, which is the leader of the Spanish market and whose products are exclusively distributed by INTERPROIND in Italy.

Taking advantage of its experience in the field, INTERPROIND is today in position to offer its customers different solutions to each of their demand and to fulfill in the most effective way their needs for various applications such as industrial machines lubrication (presses and machine-tools, systems for paper, wood and plastic materials processing, systems for printing, etc.) and the realization and set up of sophisticated single line or closed-loop central lubrication plants.

INTERPROIND's action is also particularly significant in railway lubrication sector.

More recently - yet with sound professionality - INTERPROIND has approached the distribution of cable guiding plastic and steel chains, born from its business relationship with the German company EKD Gelenkrohr.

The choice to employ this type of chains is ideal wherever mechanical assemblies with power cables or hydraulic, oil-hydraulic and pneumatic circuits in motion are involved.
INTERPROIND's sales activity is entirely addressed to the Italian territory.

Interproind is a Division of IK Interklimat S.p.A.
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